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Understanding the Difference: HEETS vs. TEREA Tobacco Sticks


Introduction For those exploring smoke-free alternatives to traditional cigarettes, understanding the options available is crucial. Two popular choices are IQOS HEETS and TEREA tobacco sticks, each designed for use with specific IQOS devices. This article will dive into what these sticks are, how they differ, and which devices they are compatible with. What Are TEREA […]

Understanding IQOS ILUMA & Terea Tobacco Sticks: A Smoke-Free Heated Tobacco Experience


Introduction to IQOS ILUMA IQOS ILUMA price in Pakistan is Rs 18,999/-. The IQOS ILUMA is the latest innovation for those who are looking for a smokeless alternative to traditional cigarettes. This new device offers a real tobacco taste and satisfaction, aiming to provide users with a better and cleaner experience. Unlike cigarettes, the IQOS ILUMA is designed to emit 95% fewer harmful chemicals, […]