Traveling with Vapes: Guidelines for Pakistani Vapers

Are you considering travelling guidelines for vapers on an overseas trip but unsure how to carry your disposable vapes and accessories? 

Travelling with e-shisha requires careful planning and knowledge of local and international regulations. 

Whether you’re going on a business trip or a holiday, understanding how to manage your vaping gear is crucial. 

This blog has got you covered!

Understanding Vaping Laws and Regulations:

Before setting off, it’s essential to research:

1. Vaping Laws of Your Destination Country

Before you go, it’s important to educate yourself about the vaping laws specific to your destination country. Vaping regulations vary widely around the globe, with some countries embracing it as a safer alternative to smoking while others have imposed strict bans or severe restrictions.

These laws can affect where you can vape and the types of e-sheesha you can use. Understanding these regulations beforehand can help you avoid unintentional legal issues and ensure a smoother travel experience.

2. Vaping Policies in Airports, on Airplanes, and Other Forms of Transportation

Navigating through the vaping policies of airports, airlines, and other transportation modes is essential in planning your journey. Airports may have designated vaping areas or could prohibit vape pens altogether.

Public transportation and rental services in your destination may also have their own set of rules. Being informed about these policies will help you comply with regulations and make your travel more comfortable and hassle-free.

3. The Vaping Rules of Your Hotel

Hotels and resorts often set their vaping policies, ranging from entirely smoke-free environments to designated vaping areas. Understanding your hotel’s rules on e-cigarettes is essential to avoid fines or penalties and respect the comfort and health of other guests. 

Pre-Flight Preparations for Vaping Gear:

Safe Packing of vapes to prevent leakage and damage:

Ensuring your vape pens are securely packed for a hassle-free travel experience. Using leak-proof cases to prevent e-liquid leakage, arrange your vaping essentials to shield them from physical impact and pressure changes. By following these recommendations, you can keep your vape pens and e-juice in optimal condition, ready for use upon arrival at your destination.

Pack Smart, Vape Right!

Disposable Vapes: 

Disposable vapes present a convenient option for vaping while travelling abroad. These must be stored in hand luggage since they are sealed units with non-removable batteries and e-liquid.

Vaping Etiquette and Safety on the Plane:


Keep your disposable vapes with you or in your hand luggage, ensuring it’s turned off to avoid accidental activation. Vaping devices should never be placed in checked luggage.

Using Vapes During Flights:

Vaping is strictly prohibited on commercial flights. Violations can lead to removal from the flight, fines, and potential bans from the airline without a refund.

Have a Safe Journey!

Travelling with e-shisha as a Pakistani vaper requires a blend of preparation. By packing your gear safely, understanding and respecting the rules of transport modes, and considering the laws of your destination, you can ensure a hassle-free journey.

Remember, these travelling guidelines for vapers, being informed and considerate of vaping etiquette is key to a smooth travel experience, allowing you to enjoy your trip without any unwelcome surprises.

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